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Аккорды и текст: - "Windows95 sucks"

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Windows95 sucks

When I bought it
Brought Windows home inside and put it up
But then I loaded it
It says my memory is not enough
I'll be running out
I need some extra RAM to fix me up
I have to cuff it up
Open my wallet up - it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops

This Windows'95
It sucked all my drive
It makes some Pentium fly
But my PC is obsolete
I'll have to buy myself brand new machine

Oooh, ruining out

Stick me up
You suck me in and then you got me hurt
You got me, you got me

There's so much stuff to buy
I'd need a new harddrive
Let's go to suck me dry
My plain Access don't have a speed
It takes an hour just to bring on a screen

I make a software buys
It's making Bill Gates come
You make a rich man come