Y.J. Malmsteen:

: Y.J. Malmsteen - "Hairtrigger"




Y.J. Malmsteen

: Y.J. Malmsteen, : Y.J. Malmsteen
: 1993

I told you once and I told you twice
You will fail and I will rise
Tell me now who's fooling who
One of us must surely die
It isn't me, it must be you.
You're my holy sacrifice.

Hairtrigger-- telling you no lies
Hairtrigger-- time to say goodbye.

You will cry and you will pray
There's no escape, it's judgment day!
Deep inside you know too well
In my hands I hold your fate
In the end we'll meet in hell.
You're my holy sacrifice.

Repeat Chorus.

Now the time has come
Nowhere left to run.