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Аккорды и текст: Blink 182 - "Fuck A Dog"

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Fuck A Dog

(альбом "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket (limited edition)")

Blink 182

подбор: Andy Spoon Boy Black Email:


I wanna fuck a dog in the ass
(he wants to fuck a dog)
i wanna fuck a dog
(thats right kids)

I tried to fuck your mom in the ass
I tried to fuck your dad in the ass
Could only find the dog
And his ass

We wanna fuck a dog in the ass
We wanna fuck a dog in the ass
We fuck a dog

I tried to fuck a fuckin pirate in the ass
(argh!me and me first mate)
Tried to fuck a fucking pirate
but found the dog (argh,twas no pirate,twas thine own seester)

We wanna fuck a dog in the ass
We wanna fuck a dog in the ass
We fuck a dog

Fuck you

Thats it.repeat till u get bored.not like u could get bored with this song.